The project, GODISAWOMAN, documented my experience of being detained at Gatwick Airport,  
London on the first day of the year 2012, due to the “unclear reason of visiting”. The title came  
from a drawing I found in a bible at the detention room.  
In the project, I combined images and text, narratively describing what happened during the 12  
hours of detention, exploring and questioning the concept of nationality, border, identity and  
imperialism, unveiling the hidden judgment and connotation underneath the global social  
security system.  
During the detention, I was not allowed to take any pictures. In order to describe the story vividly, I  
have searched pictures on Google with “key words” related to the stories, and then applied the  
found images to the text.  
The project not only explores the influence of economy, imperialism and post-colonization on
bias against race, gender and nationality, but also investigates the role of Internet as the most
rapidly-grown mass media, raising the questions of the censorship and authenticity in the
information we receive everyday. By applying found images on blogs or news, I also intend to      Read the book  
connect people who have similar experiences.